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Sadly not all teeth were created equal and can experience wear, tear, and accidental damage. However, Dr. Diamond has the available procedures, technology, and cutting-edge skills to repair the parts of your smile that you wish to improve. Before you have to consider dentures as part of your reality, your friendly dentist will try to save as many of your existing teeth as possible.

If a member of your family needs to correct a cavity or repair broken teeth, missing teeth, or incomplete teeth then schedule an appointment with us for any of the following restorative services:

Root canal treatment
Bite plates for TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint) Issues

Often the replacement of the teeth is needed after being treated by a root canal. To make the tooth structurally sound, as if it was never damaged, a crown is required. Another option to replace a missing tooth or a few teeth altogether is found in a bridge. It connects to the teeth on either side of the missing space, and functions just as natural teeth. A permanent solution as well is to surgically implant a tooth directly into the jaw bone.

The result of a cracked or broken tooth often requires a root canal. This procedure clears out your tooth canal to kill the nerve and bacteria so that you end up painless. Then the rest can be replaced with the crown. Emergency reparation can be done with a temporary filling, awaiting a more important treatment.


Remove the pain that is driving you mad and fix your problem teeth. Call Dr. Diamond today to schedule you teeth restoration appointment now!

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